Vera Glagoleva spoke about the daughter’s husband

Вера Глаголева высказалась о муже дочери The actress explained how he perceived the marriage of the heiress with Alexander Ovechkin. Vera Glagoleva happy with Anastasia’s husband. According to star cinema, she’s proud son-in-law, and daughter completely calm.

      Russian actress and Director of the film “Two women” Faith Glagoleva rarely tells reporters about the family, preferring to chat on the theme of cinema and talk about literature. However, during the premiere of the new film in Minsk, local journalists managed to talk to star about personal stuff.

      All were concerned about how Glagoleva embraced the marriage of his daughter Anastasia Subsky with hockey player Alexander Ovechkin. We will remind that about the secret marriage, the pair became known in late August this year. The couple has shared in social networks a picture of intertwined hands. Nameless fingers with the same wedding rings with small precious stones. Alexander Ovechkin and Anastasia Subsky shared the first wedding photo

      As admitted Glagoleva, she is very happy son-in-law. According to the woman, Ovechkin is not only a great athlete, but a reliable defender for Anastasia.

      “Of course, there are different mothers, daughters and elections. But I’m talking about a specific case, about our Alexander — love when they call him Alexander the Great. Several times I was on the NHL games in Washington and new York, there are such rates, such a delight. There is such pride for him, for Russia. And he is a good guy, so for her daughter calm,” Vera said.

      The actress did not comment on the rumours about their family, noting that with such a manifestation of excessive interest faced by many stars. That is why about family life Glagoleva many of her fans will learn from social networks daughter Anastasia Subsky. Before the wedding the whole family model went for a weekend on lake Como. Ovechkin is great with the girl’s parents, and mother Anastasia even goes to hockey games with his participation.

      However, the prediction of Ziraddin Rzayev, Subsky and Ovechkin can expect difficulties in relationships. “Despite the fact that Alexander and Anastasia now all is well, I have to disappoint you – they don’t fit together. Along with Ovechkin, Subsky need to give him everything, and it’s hard for her, as she is still young, emotional and a bit flighty. Nastya should play smarter,” said the psychic, making a forecast for the near future.