Singer Slava complained on wrinkles

Певица Слава пожаловалась на морщины The artist ironically refers to his shortcomings and encourages women to love themselves for who they are. Fans of Glory are sure that she is perfect in every way — with makeup or without it. Now the star is in Sochi, where he will relax after working days.

      Певица Слава пожаловалась на морщины

      36-year-old who is currently resting in Sochi. The star arrived there on Sunday. After she was in a hotel room, the actress was quick to share with his fans a photo of herself without makeup. It is possible to notice the imperfections of a celebrity.

      However, the Glory belongs to the number of stars that ironically refer to its shortcomings and occasionally show in social networks their true face without makeup. The actress did not make an exception this time. Glory noticed that she had wrinkles, but they did not prevent her to love herself and accept who she is.

      “Tits hanging, wrinkles under the eyes, and I’m still cool! Hello from Sochi,” the singer wrote in his microblog.
      Певица Слава пожаловалась на морщины

      Fans of the star noted that she looks beautiful without makeup, and nothing spoils the appearance of the artist. “But natural”, “Cool”, “Everything is super! And most importantly — its”, “With a sense of humor you have everything just perfect”, “Good”, “Most humane”, “not True, nothing hanging”, “a girl can only dream of, Open, simple, real,” wrote fans Glory in the comments to the publication.

      Recall that the Glory has repeatedly posted in his Instagram selfie without makeup, which is constantly admired by subscribers. In their opinion, the actress is nice to look at in any form — with makeup or without it.

      Earlier in social networks, the Glory as-that admitted that it is against imposed by modern society’s standards of beauty. A woman is beautiful when she loves herself, confident star. She also urged women to stop constantly dieting and live happily.

      “I’m so sick of all these modern stereotypes are skinny than-their-girlfriends dolls!.. I love to eat, drink and hate to exercise! I loved loved, family, children and country! Enough to lose weight! Live and kicks”, says Glory.

      By the way, its perfect form, the artist does not support long exhausting workouts, as I prefer to do many stars. Instead, the Fame and tries to move — she walks in the fresh air, laid out at a maximum at the concerts and dancing in clubs when I have the chance. According to the singer, at the gym, it appears twice a year.

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