Экс-жених Равшаны Курковой встречается с ее копией During the festival “Kinotavr” in Sochi Ilya Bachurin did not part with a striking brunette who is the lead singer of a popular music group. Apparently, he started to recover after breaking up with Kursovoy. Bachurina and the singer were seen together on the beach and during the shows and at parties.

      Экс-жених Равшаны Курковой встречается с ее копией

      At the festival “Kinotavr” in Sochi, a 46-year-old producer Ilya Bachurin repeatedly noticed a sweet young girl. She was a 23-year-old Adele Huseynov, member of pop-rock group NEOPOLEON. According to many, she is like a former lover Bachurina — Ravshan Kurkova. Ilya has not parted with Adele. Together they attend parties and premieres, as well as resting in between them on the beach.

      Экс-жених Равшаны Курковой встречается с ее копией

      Striking brunette came to Sochi to present a picture of “Good boy” Director Oksana Karas. Group, soloist of which is Huseynova, recorded the soundtrack to this film. In his story, a student falls in love with a teacher, and the student begins to experience the feelings of a girl from his school.

      Экс-жених Равшаны Курковой встречается с ее копией

      Information that the General Director of concern “Glavkino” Ilya Bachurin broke up with actress RAVENOL Kursovoy appeared in the press in early may. Their affair lasted four years, the lovers were engaged. By the way, they met in 2012 in Sochi at the next “Kinotavr”. Later in his interview with Kurkova admitted that the two immediately ran a spark, but they started Dating only a few months after Dating.

      Ravshana Kurkova broke up with her lover

      The news that one of the most beautiful pair of Russian cinema collapsed has puzzled many fans Kursovoy. They began to ask her about the reasons of rupture of relations with the state planning Committee Bachurin in social networks. After Ravshan Ilya broke up, the actress for a long time did not appear on the Internet. In recognition Kurkovas in her life, there were many different events concerning both her career and personal life.

      “Like all people break up and so do we. I have nothing bad I can not say, Ilya is very dear to me person”, — commented Ravshan separation from state planning Committee Bachurin in his microblog.
      Экс-жених Равшаны Курковой встречается с ее копией

      If he broke up with Ilya, that marriage with him would be the third for the 35-year-old star. Prior to that, she was married to photographer Simon Trigger and actor Artem Tkachenko. With the first choice Kurkova got divorced after losing a child, being in her fifth month of pregnancy.

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