In a Network with a new force to discuss the scandal, Sobchak in the plane

В Сети с новой силой обсуждают скандал Собчак в самолете On the evening of 8 June, the TV presenter flew to Saint Petersburg. However, on the way to the Northern capital on Board the aircraft Xenia unwittingly became a party to the conflict with a flight attendant and another passenger flight. His view of the situation, which is still commenting on the Internet, Sobczak recently shared in social networks.

      В Сети с новой силой обсуждают скандал Собчак в самолете

      The Internet is still discussing the scandal with participation of Ksenia Sobchak, which occurred on Board the aircraft. Recall that the TV presenter was invited to the awards ceremony “sobakawa” that took place on 8 June in Saint-Petersburg. By the way, the audience of the circus, which hosted the event, discussed the news of the pregnancy Xenia. Pregnancy Ksenia Sobchak confirmed

      However, to the North of the capital, the star got a number of difficulties. Last Thursday, all editions circulated the news that Sobchak became a party to the conflict on the flight “Moscow-Saint-Petersburg”. At the moment, users of social networks continues to discuss this incident. Leading decided not to remain aloof from the debate and told how all was actually, in his Instagram, showing video from the flight.

      “So again trying to reduce everything to a simple formula “Sobchak staged a riot”, will tell you about the sweetest girl-flight attendant. The most disgusting shovels syndrome is “a syndrome of the master barrier. This is when the “little” man suddenly gets a small, but power. Flight “Moscow-Peter”, flight: 1 hour 20 minutes. A passenger really hamovato replied to the stewardess and showed boarding. Instead of trying to calm passengers and explain that he is obliged to show the ticket, the flight attendant immediately complains to the captain, and he takes a rapid decision to remove a passenger from the flight, and this despite the fact that the passenger realizing that it smells like kerosene, subsided and the ticket has shown”, – wrote Ksenia.

      According to Sobchak, in this situation, self-esteem restored stewardesses, but the plane was delayed for two and a half hours, although to fly to St. Petersburg much less.

      “You are teachers, dear crew! And to assert itself at the expense of time to other passengers is megafast! Well, you got nasty in the workplace, do not calmly respond to someone else’s bad manners? When all this I began to speak to the flight attendant along with Regina von Flemming, and many others angered and late passengers, I was also accused of drunkenness,” – said Ksenia.

      At the end of their appeals to the airline, the presenter noted that those members of the crew should be fired, as it is a disgrace to the carrier. Some users microblogging supported Xenia, remembering that such behavior of the staff is called “janitor syndrome”. Other leading members believe that the flight attendant acted correctly in this situation, in accordance with the rules of the airline.

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