Singer Jasmine found salvation from depression in the work

Певица Жасмин нашла спасение от депрессии в работе Artist for a long time could not come to himself after the birth of her third child. Jasmine once again became a mother this spring. According to the singer, the first few months after the birth of son was very difficult.

      Singer Jasmine gave birth to her third child in may of this year. A boy named Myron after his grandfather on the paternal side. According to the star mother, the first months after the appearance of the boy was very difficult. As admitted Jasmine, she felt uncomfortable.

      Jasmine spoke about the achievements of the newborn son

      “I have the feeling that it wasn’t me. This period lasted about two months, probably. And then I decided to fight with his mood. I joined my job, so everything negative is immediately forgotten. Probably missed the stage. Still, the vocation of the artist is expensive. Although, of course, I get tired. It happens, and do not sleep at night. It all depends on the child how he feels, as I do,” said the singer.

      According to the artist, Myron is very similar to sister Margaret and older brother Mike. However, once the boy was born, everyone said he had the same facial features as my mom. But now the baby is a little bit changed. Younger brother got a lot of middle child Jasmine. “The whole dowry Myron got from Margaret, – continues the singer. – I saved a lot of toys, which she did at one time do not have time to play. It happened that the guests were given the toys because of their age Margarita was already uninteresting. Now playing Myron. Every week we toys he is replaceable. First show one, then hide and replace the other. The son develops, as all the kids,” said star.

      At the moment Jasmine is trying to get rid of extra pounds gained in pregnancy. The singer believes that it will not be easy to regain the slim shape, because she passed this way after the birth of their first and second child. Myron already weighs seven pounds, so, according to the star, she has a “constant load”.

      “As soon as he started to come himself, immediately began to exercise, and the result is already there. I think that in two months I’ll be satisfied completely. In the gym three to four times a week. But if it turns out, every day. Now I really like Zumba – a dance fitness programme based on Latin American motifs. I also practice swimming and water aerobics,” – said Jasmine in an interview with “Interlocutor”.