Konstantin Khabensky has no regrets about the past

Константин Хабенский не жалеет о прошлом The actor believes that it is necessary to see only the advantages. The star of the movie “the Collector” is trying to spot mistakes and to fix any situation. According to Knightley, most recently, he had a reassessment of values.

      Константин Хабенский не жалеет о прошлом

      The star of the film “the Collector” keira Knightley has admitted that he was rethinking the values. For several years, the actor helps children with cancer and other serious diseases of the brain. Since 2010, the actor started to open the children’s Studio of creative development. According to him, this activity greatly changed his Outlook on life.

      Studio Constantine are open in ten cities. The actor believes that the purpose of these clubs is the realization of creative potential of children. Not all of the students will go ulitsa on the actors. Knightley admitted that organize the work of the Foundation and the Studio was not easy. However, he has no regrets.

      “I know one rule: do not regret what you did. Do not pull the negative signs, endlessly gnawing at myself. You just need to look back at the past and say, “Yes, it was, and now we go further”, – said the actor.

      According to the star, with age he had begun to look at a difficult situation. Moreover, very often he saw history, when the salvation of a child with a serious illness is somehow a miracle was not perfect. The actor claims that such stories are set up on the correct perception of the world. “At a Mature age get the maximum advantages from the current situation, then look at the remaining cons and think how to recycle them to get the advantages. This happens with age and practice,” – said the actor in an interview with “Telenedelya”.

      By the way, in addition to work in film and for the benefit of the charity Fund Konstantin manages to participate in theatrical productions. The actor can be seen in the solo performance “the Contrabass”. This has been a successful year for Knightley. He received the award TEFI in the nomination “Best actor in a TV movie”. However, personally pick up the statuette, the actor could not, because at that time it was not in Moscow.