Chulpan Khamatova became the right hand of Galina Volchek

Чулпан Хаматова стала правой рукой Галины Волчек Artistic Director of “Sovremennik”, chose a Deputy. Now Chulpan Khamatova is not only a leading actress, but she will also have to be responsible for many important organizational issues. Galina Volchek glad I was able to find the right person for this position.

      Чулпан Хаматова стала правой рукой Галины Волчек

      Artistic Director of the theater “Contemporary” Galina Volchek has decided to shift the burden of responsibility on Chulpan Khamatova. It was her, she was named as his Deputy. People’s artist glad I found a decent man who will be able to solve a number of issues and some of the pressure off the things she was doing for a long time.

      “I’m glad now I have someone who will be my assistant for General Affairs, Vouchak said. For example, the Director of six or eight deputies. I have never had one, and I decided to correct this situation.”

      In recognition of Galina, a decisive factor of destination Khamatova in a leadership position, was the experience of the artist, who for many years actively involved in the life of a private charitable Foundation. In her opinion, this experience will help Chulpan easy to cope with various tasks as Deputy head of the theater. She Volchek always focused on other aspects of the work.

      “I only paid attention to the staging of performances, salaries of artists, cared about their welfare. As for Chulpan Khamatova, then it is a big experience – she has long and successfully engaged in his charitable Foundation,” – said the artistic Director of the theatre.

      For a long time there were rumors, who can become the successor to Galina. Not so long ago, if you admitted in one interview that he sees Khamatova as to who may occupy the chair. “Chulpan not the Director… With all my incredible love for the actress Khamatova — is hardly possible. Besides, she now constantly splits in two — one half in the profession, the other in the social activities, to which I treat with great respect. But in order to run a theatre, you need to forget and discard all” – said artistic Director of the theatre. Apparently, now completely changed my mind.

      Galina recalled that at the present time is the renovation of the building of “Sovremennik” on Chistye Prudy. Now this question will take control Khamatova. She also will be responsible for the production of decorations and organizational issues associated with touring troupe.

      As told by Galina Volchek in conversation with TASS, despite the new position, Iglesias remains the leading actress of “Sovremennik”.