Певица Слава чуть не загорелась на съемках нового клипа During the filming of the new clip, the singer and her team almost went crazy from the intense heat. Artists were only saved by a small air conditioner. But the star’s problems were not limited to these. She also had to survive the flood, hurricane and power outage.

      Певица Слава чуть не загорелась на съемках нового клипа

      The process of working on a new clip of the singer of Glory turned into a real nightmare. The singer and the entire film crew is constantly plagued with failures. It is symbolic that the song they did a video called “Red”. According to Fame, she and her colleagues survived a storm, the 30-degree heat, flooding and power outages. In addition, the team artist almost caught fire.

      “Angels of fame” on the set of the video for the song “Red”. Survived 20 hours. A hurricane, a flood, a blackout, my nerves are shot, I almost caught fire, the heat, etc… But should look very cool!”, — this post did Glory in his microblog.

      The singer also posted a photo from backstage of the new video, which, but herself, dressed in sexy bodysuit is red with a transparent rukami, you can also see her daughter. In the video his mother’s 17-year-old Alexander Morozov for the new clip mom try on the image of sleek and sexy office workers — in the picture she poses in a white blouse with a neckline and a slinky black pencil skirt.

      The daughter of Fame singer undressed for the photo shoot

      Певица Слава чуть не загорелась на съемках нового клипа

      Fans of Fame said that she and her daughter look amazing. “What of Fame daughter, gorgeous. Here as we have grown, how quickly time flies,” “Glory in red simply chic,” “the Daughter is very like you,” “Thank you have a great body, super”, “Like twins with my daughter,” “I can’t wait clip”, “Want to drive in the clip, ball busting, fire” — shared his opinion of the subscribers of the star.

      Additionally, a Glory shared with fans another moment from filming the video. This time the singer has posted a photo from the dressing room, where she apparently distressed because of the terrible heat. “In the dressing room on video “Red” was +30! Baby conditioner help as I could!”, — told the artist in his Instagram. Fans of Glory hastened to support her. “And who is now easy, it’s summer!” “Anywhere hot” “Well, what kind of conditions for the stars!”, “Glory, more patience and effort, as well as a successful music video”, ” they wrote.

      We will remind also that more recently, Slava returned from Baku, where a festival of “Heat”. It had many stars of show business, including Philip, Denis Klyaver, Katya LEL, Emin Agalarov, Valeria and Iosif Prigozhin, Lolita and Nikolai Baskov. My trip Thank was very pleased. “It was very cool!”, she shared in social networks. Festival “HEAT” in Baku: the best outfits, spectacular rooms and the delight of the audience

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