Даная Пригожина рассказала о жуткой обиде на отца The girl is upset by the reaction of a parent to her participation in the project “Dom-2”. Joseph Prigogine spoke negatively about her daughter’s decision to come to the telestroke. Danae said that already left the controversial reality show.

      Даная Пригожина рассказала о жуткой обиде на отца

      It became known yesterday that the 19-year-old daughter of Joseph Prigogine Danae decided to become a participant of the project “Dom-2”. Not so long ago a girl broke up with her lover Artem, with which it is linked as much as a half year relationship. To numb the pain of disappointment and try to meet a new love, Danae came to the “House-2”.

      However, the successor of the famous producer on the project had been delayed for long. In recognition of the girl, the scandalous telestroke she didn’t like. “Guys, I came to the project and left! And was not to Venceslava Vengrzhanovskiy – written by Danae Prigogine in the microblog. All that you write complete nonsense… I did not like. There was a desire, came, looked, like that, gone.”

      It is obvious that the act of beauty-brunette greatly complicate her relationship with her father Joseph Prigogine, who only recently improved after a major argument. Joseph Prigozhin has reconciled with daughter

      Leased very touched by the reaction of the parent star for her decision to try to build love on a reality show. The girl cannot calm down and quotes on his page in Instagram the words of Joseph Prigogine said in an interview to one of editions.


      “We, of course, terrified. I find it hard to resist this situation, it is useless to talk, like talking to a wall. I’m absolutely embarrassed and ashamed that Dan went on this show. Well, what can I do? She’s a girl, silly to pay”, – quotes the words of this father.

      Needless to say that the girl took it very to heart, and not holding back emotions, said the view of Joseph Prigogine.

      “I got there and realized once again that wherever I went, all bad, but when you sit at home, all well, – posted by Danae. Yes it is a painful topic for me! In a General sense, I have a good relationship with uncle, mother, stepfather, sisters and brothers. One is not an established relationship is the father. I feel everything and left the house. And the second point, I’m in my second year, studying everything is OK, nobody has asked about it. Please, simply not interested. And I’m not here to dishonor, and to seek only”.

      Fans of Danai Prigoginei asked her to heat up the passion and try to understand and forgive his father, who probably said it touched her sentence, experiencing strong emotions.

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