Станислав Садальский помог бизнесмену вскрыть сейф The actor refused remuneration for found money. Girlfriend men shared a story that happened to him in the 90-ies. According to the singer Anastasia, Sadalsky always be not serious about the money and was ready to give others the latter.

      Станислав Садальский помог бизнесмену вскрыть сейф

      In post-perestroika Russia could come to the store and see empty shelves, it was called “disruptions in the supply of food products”. Just at that time began to emerge of a string of commercial stalls. They were in the most crowded places – near bus stops and metro stations, in subways. They sold exotic foreign consumer goods – disposable lighters, batteries, imported canned goods, chocolate bars. It was possible to shop round the clock, but the prices were too high, and quality assurance were not given one.

      Stanislav Sadalsky, the actor, the host of “the Tablet” on “the First channel” always know where to get delights, shared with friends. And then he was starving.

      “We met in 1992,” recalls the singer Anastasia the singer of the hit “I’m the Queen of the Golden sand”. Once I became a participant of the program “Shark pen.” Journalists asked me tricky questions, and I retorted as best I could. After the broadcast the phone rang. The man introduced himself Stanislav Sadalsky. I heard about this actor, but I was not.

      “Stas began to shower me with compliments for the behavior in the program: “You’re smart, sarcastic. Beat of all, if you’re a classroom teacher, and they – first-graders. I like you, let’s be friends!”
      Станислав Садальский помог бизнесмену вскрыть сейф

      I’m a little dumbfounded, because accustomed that strangers praised just for memorials. Only then learned that Sadalsky have a wonderful quality – the ability to admire others. A few days later there was a ring at the door open, standing in the doorway of Stas with a huge basket of food: fruit, cheese, even foie Gras, which I never tried. And all this in difficult 90-e years. In General, I ofigel from such a gift. Sat, nice talking to you. And so began our friendship.

      After about a month called Stas, I said that going on tour to the far East, in a small town raychikhinsk, and he asked: “Take me with you, nothing to eat”. Decided to help a friend, asked organizers of another ticket. In advance asked Sadalsky, what is he going there to do. “And I’ll have to tell us about yourself”, – cheerfully said Stas. I admit, a little nervous. But from the stage, he charmed all. With such dedication to work that the audience looked at him with open mouths. After each presentation, we arranged luxury dinners and trips to the bath.

      Stas became friends with all the bandits of the city. His passion for openness, sense of humor, sarcasm. About say “soul wide open”. In Raychikhinsk he was able to earn, but very quickly spent the money for it was just pieces of paper. It is only in the film “the meeting Place cannot be changed” the character of Stas, a thief named Brick, didn’t want to return the found wallet. In real life, he is always ready to give the latter.

      Станислав Садальский помог бизнесмену вскрыть сейф

      Once there was such case. After filming in the program “Get me” with Stas we decided to walk through the Museum: go down the street, enjoying the warm spring sun, and then he notices an object under a Bush – that turned out handy. Sadalsky and I opened it and there lay fifteen hundred dollars. Then found a business card of the owner of the bag. Stas insisted that we as soon as possible, went home and called at that time because there were no cell phones.

      When the tube on the side was removed, he reported the discovery. The owner asked what reward you need. Sadalsky jokingly referred to the enormous sum of 10 thousand dollars. The man, surprisingly, quickly agreed and appointed the time and place of the meeting. To return the bag went to my AU pair. She said that the owner of purses – a representative gray-haired man who tried to give her a stack of bills. After that the money ordered to take, he was ready to kiss her hand. Turned out the bag was the key to the safe.

      “And imagine how many banknotes he has there, if he quietly was ready to give 10 thousand dollars,” hearing this, said Sadalsky. Of course, Stas imperfect, sometimes very harmful. But I still love him and glad he’s a friend of my family.

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