Shura prepares for major surgery

Шура готовится к серьезной операции The artist will again go under the knife. The singer will make the operation in the city of Kurgan, although in the fall of Shura have already been treated in the clinic of the Yekaterinburg. Problems with the hip joint have started about seven years ago. Alex, aka Alexander Medvedev, has repeatedly told the fans that are suffering from severe pain.

Shura – a crowd favorite for more than 20 years, he was incredibly popular in the 90s, although now the artist sometimes fails to draw a full house. However, the musician has long been suffering from severe pain in the hip joint, what he has repeatedly said loyal fans.

In autumn the artist decided on the operation in Ekaterinburg. But now, several months later, Alex again preparing for repeated surgical intervention. Musician operate in one of the research centers in Kurgan. The singer took video of the house, which will be his long-term rehabilitation.

“Hip Stoch. Blame my work on stage. I’m wearing heels all the time. And men generally contraindicated in heels to ride! If the female spine has somehow adapted to it, it is not male. My image ruined my health”, – told the artist in an interview.

Fans quickly responded to the message of the stars. “What happened?”, “Get well”, “Health to you. I hope this doesn’t hurt”, “that’s okay don’t worry! Health, health and once again health to you!” – wished the fans.

Friend Shura star Comedy Woman Marina Fedunkiv wished the other to quickly go on the amendment. “Get well, my good man!” – wrote comedian.

“Thank you, Marinochka, the hip joint will change and will be good as new,” – said the singer.

Recall, a few years ago, the singer got cancer. However, the artist has conquered cancer, and then became anxious about their health. He refused to bad habits and lost a lot of weight. Despite a second operation, Shura is planning to go on stage in March of this year. The singer plans to resume concert activity.

Later, the actor thanked the numerous fans for their words of support. Shura posted a touching message on the Network.

“Thank you, dear, for your kind words, for your support. A little fear, but because you feel most secure and loved. Are unable to thank everyone individually, but know that every word you say makes me stronger. Soon I’ll be on stage jumping like a youngster! Special thanks to the Kurgan, now I your to 1 March and for all!” – said the singer in Instagram.

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