Plight Valentina Telichkina: early fame and agonizing wait of love

Нелегкая судьба Валентины Теличкиной: ранняя слава и мучительное ожидание любви Famous actress today celebrates its birthday. Valentina Telichkina was one of the brightest Actresses of the Soviet cinema. Despite the fact that she often refused roles that did not fit her character, the Directors have always actively sought to cooperate with the artist.
Нелегкая судьба Валентины Теличкиной: ранняя слава и мучительное ожидание любви

Today, January 10, one of the legendary Actresses of the Soviet and Russian cinema of Valentina Telichkina’s birthday party – she turns 73. For the creative career she starred in more than 80 projects: “Reporter”, “Zigzag udachi”, “can’t be”…

The future actress was born in the family of a dispossessed peasant. Ivan was sentenced to death, however the family managed to save him – sister sold all the family jewels and redeemed man. Many noted that Valentina Ivanovna was an amazing bond with my father – she took his kindness and ability to be compassionate to others.

In 20 years, the future actress went from Nizhny Novgorod region to Moscow and immediately joined the film Institute. Later the artist admitted that it was for her a big success – after all, if it had not taken the course, she did not dare to do next year, because at that time rarely took students her age.

Fame and popularity came to Telichkina after the film “the Journalist”, where she played Valya Korolkova. This role, the artist considers his “mascot” – the fact that the Director Sergei Gerasimov mostly shoots his disciples. However, the Soviet film star knew that after working with him her career is literally doomed to success.

Нелегкая судьба Валентины Теличкиной: ранняя слава и мучительное ожидание любви

After that, the artist became one of the most sought-after Actresses. Valentina is always very carefully chose roles that she was offered to play – she very carefully read the script. Sometimes Directors have even slightly changed the character of the heroine to work together with Telichkina.

However, after the collapse of the Soviet Union when the crisis came, Valentina fell into a depression. To get out of the depressed state she had help painting. In 2000, the year he opened his own exhibition.

Despite the fact that Valentina Ivanovna was a brilliant start in his career, she took the time to arrange personal life. Loved one the actress had met in adulthood – at a meeting of the members of the club of young intellectuals. Her husband Vladimir Gudkov – architect. Despite the fact that they have been together for about 40 years, a woman prefers not to dwell on family life. Telichkina as little as possible to talk about her husband, but with pleasure tells about his son Ivan. He is now 38, he, in turn, has a three year old son Kolya.

Нелегкая судьба Валентины Теличкиной: ранняя слава и мучительное ожидание любви

Recalling the crisis in the domestic film industry, the actress remains grateful to the period when she was not working she was able to devote himself to the care of the child and their own Hobbies. Even in difficult times, the actress couldn’t go against herself – she was adamant to the many roles that she did not fit.

“I would not have played anything that is a temptation, corruption, in any, even the most attractive form. I wouldn’t their creativity to preach dubious value. And I’m glad I manage to stick to his principles. Even when it is very needed funds, I was able to give more roles, promising me a comfortable existence, but is highly questionable in its spiritual sense,” admitted Telichkina.

Now, the actress continues to star in various projects. Last year came the film “Big,” directed by Valery Todorovsky, in which she played one of the roles.

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