Prettier Elena Korikova delighted fans with slim figure

Похорошевшая Елена Корикова восхитила поклонников стройной фигурой Star of the TV series “Poor Nastya” has surprised users of the social networking new photos. Fans of the actress found that Elena Korikova looks amazing, despite the rumors about her depression and problems with alcohol.
Похорошевшая Елена Корикова восхитила поклонников стройной фигурой

Recently 45-year-old star of the TV series “Poor Nastja” Elena Korikova rarely appears in public and not fans happy posts on social networks. It was rumored that the actress depression and problems with alcohol. The celebrity allegedly addicted to alcohol due to the fact that it rarely offered a job, as well as in connection with failures in his personal life. However, colleagues of Elena denied information about its harmful habit.

Elena Korikova was accused of alcoholism

Recently Korikova has denied speculation of the public. The celebrity showed that he is in great form. Fans of Elena found that she was much prettier. Some even credited the artist of the new novel, although she Korikova has not confirmed such speculation. According to celebrity, she had a great time in the mountains.

“Thanks to the ski instructor Eugene for the excellent training! Mountain, sun, happy people around – this is so great, joy overflows! Share with you,” said Elena in social networks.

Subscribers Korikova has left her a lot of compliments. In their opinion, the actress benefited from being in nature. “Pretty woman”, “Wonderful”, “How nice to see you – such delicate, with shining eyes. You look awesome,” “all right, now you can safely go to the mountains”, “Fresh”, “Chic photo”, “Happy for you! Holidays in the mountains – a wonderful opportunity to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle, to enjoy the magnificent mountain scenery, get a charge of positive emotions”, – commented the fans of the blonde.

After some time Elena showed how comes into form after the holidays. The actress has published a photo taken in the gym. Fitted sportpharma star stressed the dignity of her figure.

Recall that last year, Elena Korikova moved from the spacious housing on Kutuzov Avenue in the suburban town of Aprelevka. The actress has purchased a two-bedroom apartment with two balconies and rented the property next door at the time of repair.

Neighbors of Elena’s house in the capital remember it with a shudder. According to them, Korikova disturbing others. “Lena often staged noisy party with loud music. It was the case that pounded into the walls to stop mess. But no use! And when they had come to understand Korikova almost with his fists climbed to fight,” – said Dmitry, who lived with the actress in a stairwell.