Shorts Dmitry Nagiyev made a lot of noise in the Network

Шорты Дмитрия Нагиева наделали много шума в Сети Anchorman ironically refers to his age. Dmitriy Nagiev was published in the microblog photo in a daring short shorts, than has provoked a barrage of compliments to his person and about the talent with age to look better than in my youth.

      Шорты Дмитрия Нагиева наделали много шума в Сети

      TV presenter and showman Dmitry Nagiyev, has long been rightfully acclaimed as one of the most stylish men of the Russian show business, was literally inapproval on the eve of followers of a microblog.

      The star of several TV channels have decided to show that in my 49 years, he could afford to wear clothes that are more suitable for teenagers than for men of Mature age. However, this circumstance did not bother Dmitry Nagiyev. He adores his age, is not afraid of aging and the irony refers to this very logical and predictable process. “Usually with time become old and ugly. I like to keep a step ahead of everyone. So it became ugly in advance”, – signed Dmitriy Nagiev picture in which he appears dressed as the macho – white t-shirt and blue shorts.

      This post by the popular TV presenter was in fact fishing for compliments. In admiration of fans Nagiyev resulted in all – and its a bold statement, and shorts, by which no one was able to pass quietly. Under the image of Dmitry Nagiyev left over a thousand comments. For the most part, enthusiastic.

      “Oh, dissemble, run up to the compliment. Handsome!”, “Now in old age become more interesting than in his youth”, “Yes, Dmitry, all would men be so old and ugly”, “a Great actor with a great sense of humor, it is clear that he’s not boring to live”, “Just handsome!”, “You are old, you honey,” Nagiyev admire his fans and groupies. Special attention was drawn to the shorts and TV presenter, for them, the subscribers Nagiyev came up with a lot of epithets.

      Shorts “transcripts!”, “Shorts – fire!”, “Shorts are hot”, “shorts Immediately caught my eye. Class!”

      However, there were those citizens who felt obliged to add a drop of tar in this honey sweet confessions. Nerdy they noted that pants on a grown-ass man look much more appropriate than flip shorts.

      However, loyal fans of Dmitry Nagiyev know that his ability to surprise and sometimes to shock the audience live in harmony with sincerity, kindness and desire to help people.

      Dmitriy Nagiev understand the meaning of life through the child

      Dmitriy Nagiev does not advertise this fact, but it is not the first year is the Chairman of the charity Fund “Anna”. The organization provides assistance to children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, children with physical and mental disabilities, orphans. The presenter believes that it is very important in life, to be needed, especially if the care and support children need.


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