Вера Брежнева в детстве работала в кафе посудомойкой Future star helped his family survive. Patronage, according to Vera Brezhneva, she made up an older sister, who worked in the same institution. Now she recalls with a smile about the difficult period when she had right out of school to go to work.

      Вера Брежнева в детстве работала в кафе посудомойкой

      Popular singer, recognized as the beauty, mother of two adorable daughters and the wife of a famous producer Konstantin Meladze, Vera Brezhnev spoke about his difficult childhood. The singer shared his memories about the beginning of his career with the host of a popular Ukrainian TV show “high life” Katya Osadchaya.

      In the latest edition of Vera Brezhnev was invited to work in a café as a bartender, and as it turned out, almost such experience in the life of a star already was. “As a kid I worked in his native Dnipropetrovsk, in the cafe “dune” as a dishwasher, made an unexpected recognition of Vera Brezhnev. – And the barman is the highest caste, they were making more money than the dishwasher, and look more aesthetically pleasing”. As told by the singer, she was forced to help his family and work began, while still a student of eleventh class.

      “Strings have made me older sister, who worked in a cafe, – said Vera Brezhneva. – After class I immediately went to work, doing lessons, yet there were no visitors, and then started washing the dishes. The worst for me were the ashtrays and chewing gum, it was very difficult to wash the tables.

      It is worth noting that now Vera Brezhnev with a smile recalls the difficult time and his early adulthood. “My bet was five hryvnia – continues the singer. – It was great! But it is abnormal when the children are working. Unfortunately, while in Dneprodzerzhinsk was a situation that needed to help adults. But may God grant us all to live so that our children do not have to work at least until adulthood”.

      The hard work of her mom and daughter Vera Brezhneva. The eldest daughter of the singer Sonia Kiperman in his 14 years confidently conquers the world of fashion. The young diva, like two peas similar to his famous mother, takes part in photo shoots for prestigious glossy magazines, surely defile on podiums in Russia and overseas.

      Daughter Vera Brezhneva conquered the capital’s fashionistas

      And for girls, it is extremely important to the success she achieved on my own without using the name and fame of its parent. And the youngest daughter of Vera Brezhneva Sarah, who is only five years, yet doesn’t even know how famous and popular her mother. But it is obvious that she will not bask in the glory of its mother, and following the example of older sister will choose his own path in life, and a stellar mom will only have to support his successor.

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