Ольга Ефремова родила сына в Италии The actress shared spicy details of their child being born. According to Olga Efremova, childbirth she had a long and painful, but in the end everything ended well. And now the successor of the famous family – happy mom of a boy named Arseny.

      Ольга Ефремова родила сына в Италии

      Granddaughter of the famous Soviet actor and Director Oleg Efremova Olga for the first time became a mother. The kid actress appeared in a clinic in Italy, where Olga Efremova lives with her husband, Italian businessman Alessandro Blue. This is the first child of a 28-year-old star. Happy mommy called the newborn son of Arseny and said that the baby’s weight was 3300 g, height – 54 cm.

      Unlike many of his peers who became mothers, and enthusiastic are limited to short messages in microblogs an accomplished beautiful event, Olga Efremova in detail described what she went through. Birth the star of the series “kadetstvo” were difficult, and before Arseny was born, Olga had to go through this agony and unbearable pain.

      “Bore. I’m in utter shock. Can neither sleep nor move. In the first shock of pain. Well, I did not expect it would be so painful. Unbearable. Never in my life did not feel any pain. At some point, I had done the epidural, but I felt almost no difference. And in the end, when the eighth hour is already past the point of attempts, I was just exhausted of this pain,” shared details of the birth of Olga Efremova.
      Ольга Ефремова родила сына в Италии

      In the end, thanks to the professionalism of doctors and the support of my husband, who was present at the birth, it all ended well, and now Olga is enjoying the first moments of motherhood. “But, Lord! Now I feel at ease. I can’t believe at all. My God, what is it? I am a mother. Welcome, Arseny! Eyes huge! Funny this! I look at him and can’t believe he was in me. Lord, forgive me for my anxiety, but it really is the most surreal event in my life. And I never realized in full,” continued Frank Olga Efremova.

      Recall that in one of the most famous Russian families is coming replenishment, became known not so long ago. Olga Efremova has unveiled her pregnancy in mid-March, being already at a fairly decent time. The expectant mother was published in the microblog picture with a rounded tummy, with a concise, but very consistent in fact with the comment: “waiting for the son”.

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