Съемки следующей части «бондианы» могут пройти в Крыму

The fate of a new film about James bond is still unknown. The question of whether to play a new part in the franchise, is resolved. While the creators are thinking about how evil the new film can fight the legendary agent 007, the authorities of the Crimean Peninsula have expressed their willingness to become a location for filming.

Today it became known that the film company EON Productions, Metro-Golden-Mayer Inc. and Danjaq, which own the rights to the film production of “James bond”, was sent a letter with a proposal to undertake shooting of the 25th part on the territory of Crimea.

This initiative was made by the head of the Association of entrepreneurs for development of business of patriotism in Russia “AVANTI” Rahman Anshukov.

The Minister of culture of the Republic of Arina nowosielski with the understanding and approval, reacted to this initiative, noting that Crimea is an ideal place for shooting films of any genre: “I support any creative initiative. We still have no official document, but the Crimea is a blessed piece of ground, you can remove any theme movies, including James bond”.

Novoselskaya sure that now Crimea should be returned to the world of cinema center, because it should move in that direction by leaps and bounds.

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