Горячая ванна с пивом помогает Марго Робби в борьбе с бессонницей

Harley Quinn played by Margot Robbie in “suicide Squad” called one of the most colorful characters in this blockbuster. Thanks to his hard work, the Australian finally achieved the sort of fame which was the dream. But after gaining popularity, Margo faced with the problem – almost every night the girl is suffering in bed, just because I can’t sleep.

Counting all the sheep in the world, Margo brought a more perfect formula of “sleeping pills”. Note that here we are not talking about the pills. No!

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the actress admitted that to sleep soundly, baby helping her shower or hot bath and a glass of cold beer.

The secret of relaxation before bed, Margot Robbie found out on the set of “Reporter” the dresser of his colleagues in the film Tina fey: “She told me that drinking ice-cold beer in a hot bath and it helps her sleep. So now, returning home from work, I also – of course, if I have the time – take “beer baths”. It helps to turn off the brain,” said Robbie.

We remind you that alcohol is harmful to your health and offer an alternative “sleeping pill” before bed. Advice was shared again, Margo.

She reads books about Harry Potter, although each piece JK Rowling has read probably over twenty times.

And how do you deal with insomnia?

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