Вадим Самойлов решил «лишить девственности» брата

Ugly public conflict between the brothers-rockers from the group “Agatha Christie” erupted with renewed force. For the right to perform the songs once existing team, they decided to sue, while Themis will solve, whom from them you can sing the old hits, and who can not, the relatives decided to talk about politics.

It turned out that views differed not only in music but also in politics. At a time when Vadim strongly supported by the authorities and goes with performances on Donbass, his brother criticizes officials and publicly expresses his “fu” Kremlin foreign policy. In every interview the brothers did not miss an opportunity to sling mud at each other. So, Vadim even named does not mention his blood brother, calling him “the namesake” and “ward”.
Edition of “Life” published a fragment of correspondence between Vadim and Gleb, in which the elder brother called the younger “drinking a douche” and promised “to deprive of virginity”.
“Well, what with the court, baby? Let’s rather. It’s time for you to deflower, lying rotting imposter… You’re not my brother. I’m with the villains in the form of suckers drinking from the Amateur is not cooperating. You’re the only one was. Got you, now go back to ass namesake” wrote Vadim brother.
Of course, Themis will judge their legal issues, but will they be able ever thereafter to return the old relationship?

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