Шок: 12-летняя дочка Моники Беллуччи уже переросла маму
Unexpectedly matured Deva impressed the fans of the actress.

Monica Bellucci daughter Deva and me

Photo: @bellabelluccifans Instagram

Monica Bellucci, like many Hollywood stars, not often brings his children into the light. The actress carefully protects them from unwanted media attention his two daughters from Vincent Cassel: six-year-old Leonie and 12-year-old Deva. However, the paparazzi are closely watching the life of Monica the day and night. So the other day this “spying” came to fruition: they were able to shoot a Hollywood star with one of the daughters.

Photo of Monica and her 12-year-old daughter Deva was taken near the hotel where he stayed Bellucci. The appearance of the young girl impressed the fans of the actress. Since then, as a dev last time I got to lenses of cameras, she has undoubtedly grown. And how! Young Kassel grew famous mother, the growth of which, incidentally, is 171 cm In this regard she apparently went to Vincent, whose height is 187 cm When she already wears makeup and dresses in outfits bold styles.

However, there is little doubt that my daughter Monica will grow less striking than she is. Although now Bellucci already refers to its beauty with easy share of criticism. She recently admitted that almost all the pictures, especially in glossy magazines, are processed in photoshop, as the time is still “takes”. “I thank heaven for the fact that someone invented Photoshop. This is something that all of us save! I have wrinkles and around the eyes, and everywhere. But 10 years ago there were no… However, I am very grateful to the editors of the journals where they publish my photo that they are “smooth” them, respecting the sense of proportion,” commented Bellucci.