Роберт Паттинсон боится идти под венец
May 13, popular actor Robert Pattinson accepted congratulations in honor of the 31st anniversary.

Роберт Паттинсон боится идти под венец

Robert fell in love with the audience after the filming of the Saga “Eclipse” where he played a vampire, and now he is actively removed in the new movies.

Now Pattinson’s happily in a relationship with singer Waist Debrett Barnett.

Роберт Паттинсон боится идти под венец

Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva gave a forecast for the future of the actor, studying his date of birth.

“Patient, sincere guy and a hard worker, Robert is the owner of a despotic character and energy vampire. He is prone to depression and mood swings – when he’s not in the spirit, it is better not to catch the eye.

For many years he meets his girlfriend, but even such a long-term relationship are not a reason to marry her – Robert in this matter careful, he has a sharpened sense of self-preservation. He always idealizes the relationship, for him family always comes first, so to marry a Pattinson is not so easy. If he creates a family, and forever will be until the end of his life faithful to his beloved. And it will happen no earlier than a year,” said Clara.

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