Ширвиндт озвучил новую версию внезапной смерти Гурченко
The actor is confident that he knows what really died the legend of the Soviet cinema.

Alexander Shirvindt and Lyudmila Gurchenko

Alexander Shirvindt in the program “Tonight” made an unexpected confession. 83-year-old artist in conversation with Julia Menshovoj and Maxim Galkin spoke about the departure from life of his close friend Lyudmila Gurchenko. The sudden death of people’s artist in March 2011 became a hit for many. The official cause of death 75-year-old Lyudmila Markovna was named a pulmonary embolism. But, in town sure knows about the circumstances of her departure a few more.

“They say, all go, go… It’s an old wound? Why is she sick?! Nonsense! I know what she died of. To age she could not, would not, did not know how it can be. Always waist 17 cm, maximum 26. Was extraordinary. And suddenly it seemed to her that she began to grow old, and she died,” said Shirvindt and added that he was confident of said 100%.

Earlier it became known that a close friend of Jack — Aslan Ahmadov finished to make the same album with unique photos popularly favorite actress. Book with images of the actress were preparing for the presentation during the life of Lyudmila Markovna, however, her sudden death in 2011 brought about changes. Five years later, Ahmedov opened in the capital the exhibition, which was presented part of the portraits of Jack. Now Akhmadov gathered all the shots in one album. However, while he did not have enough Finance for the release of the album.