Ксения Бородина прокомментировала свою беременность
The TV presenter is happy rounded forms.

Ksenia Borodina with her husband Kurban Omarov

Photo: @borodylia (Instagram Ksenia Borodina)

A few days after rumors of a pregnancy, the TV host has finally spoken about this. The assumption that telezvezda can expect a third child appeared after the publication of photos in social networks with a Banquet in Milan, where he was celebrating the 35th anniversary of Xenia.

The birthday girl arrived at the party in a dress, stressing the changes in her figure: the slender star showed the guests rounded belly. Fans who closely follow her life, rest assured that she is expecting a child. Visit the leading “House-2” in social networks there were hundreds of messages of congratulations “future mom”. But, as it turned out, the belly Borodina has increased not because of the pregnancy.

“Just now I saw on the news that is you in that dress I saw my stomach and thought I was pregnant. So can determine: “skinny — tired, let’s have at least a couple of kg score” or “still a fatty with belly”. I my form now like never! In this photo I had to drag my 7-month belly,” Xenia joked.

We will remind that Xenia already has two children: Marusya from his first marriage, and Thea, born soon after the wedding Borodina with Omarov. Some time ago she and Eid had survived the crisis in relations, but now their house is harmony. So it is possible that the presenter will be resolved in the foreseeable future for a third child.