Алексей Учитель подверг опасности беременную Пересильд The Director was forced to run the actress who was in her sixth month of pregnancy. And as the father of her unborn child, he admits that it was very dangerous for Yulia Peresild.
Алексей Учитель подверг опасности беременную Пересильд

On the novel, directed by Alexei Uchitel and actress Yulia Peresild rumors went as soon as they met on the set of the film “the Edge”. It was almost nine years ago. Then after filming, the young actress gave birth to daughter Anna, the name of the father, which was kept secret from the public for many years. Only in 2017 Peresild openly declared itself, both and girls (second daughter Maria was born in 2012) from Director Alexey Uchitel. Later he commented on not a relationship, not an affair, but his paternity: Alex E. said what his daughter grow, how they cared for Julia.

In a new documentary of the First channel “Julia Peresild. About the strangeness of love” Director, Recalling the shooting of the film “the Edge” made an unexpected confession – the work on this film was life-threatening Peresild, because she starred in the most complex scenes, being deeply pregnant. For example, run a screen with a child “under fire” were in an interesting position for six months.

“We rented a run – Julia child in her arms runs through the smoke and exploding shells. Complex scene. But few people knew that this, in my opinion, it was the sixth month of pregnancy. And that was just dangerous. In one of the takes she fell…” – said Alexey Uchitel.
Алексей Учитель подверг опасности беременную Пересильд

The teacher told the story, talking about the strong character of the actress Peresild. They say she then got up and ran again, didn’t want to stop shooting at an important picture. And Julia, speaking about the father of her children, noted how demanding, harsh, and sometimes openly ruthless can be Alexey Uchitel.

“He’s a harsh Director. Nothing is impossible, everything is possible. Vladimir Mashkov on location in the river went under the water, a log it touched. The stunt he pulled, and it was not a joke, he really could drown. Mashkov came out on the shore, and I can see he’s terrified. And then I hear the Teacher shouts: “again!”. Well, that’s just ruthless,” said Peresild.
Алексей Учитель подверг опасности беременную Пересильд

Teacher and Peresild for the first time published together in the past year. The Director also has children from his marriage to producer Kira Saksaganskaya, sons Andrew and Ilya, are adults one 40 years old, the second – 25.

About Peresild and the Teacher a lot of buzz, but most of the public just interested in the question of how and why a young beautiful actress fell in love with the Director twice as old as himself. Julia couldn’t think of anything to say. “I don’t know, can’t answer, because answering should like to subject everything to the logic. I think there are things that logic is not affected. Because if logic, then all I had to do the opposite,” she admitted now.