Шепелева перестали подозревать в похищении денег Фриске

The Metropolitan police announced the results of the investigation.

It seems that in the case of the missing money Rusfond collected by the people of the country for treatment Janna Friske, there was a certain clarity. The police Central district of Moscow has finished check and transferred materials in investigatory Department. According to the results of the investigation, Dmitry Shepelev the money wasn’t kidnapped.

For several months now, a country with a sinking heart watching this resonant case. Recall, it all started with the fact that Rusfond, with the support of the First channel organized fundraising for treatment Janna Friske, which was discovered a brain tumor. In the end, millions of Russians, heeding the call for help through the Fund transferred to the account of the singer’s 25 million rubles. Unfortunately, Jeanne died. A year ago, she died. Shortly after the death of the singer Rusfond asked her relatives to account for the funds received. Provide all receipts and documents, and the remaining money back. Relatives were able to provide documentation only 4 million rubles, and the fate of the remaining 20 million remained unknown. In the end, the charity organisation has addressed in law enforcement bodies with the request to excite criminal case on the fact of theft (read more HERE).

Six months, the police understood details of the sensational case. And in the end the staff came to the conclusion that Dmitry Shepelev just couldn’t keep the money from the account of Joan, but during the inspection it became known that the popular TV host is pure before the law.

— To the accounts of Joan was tied to the card for calculations. With this card Dmitry paid for medical services. All accounts has been provided. In his actions we have not established anything illegal, – said Dmitry Makarov, an expert on public relations of the ATC CAO GU MVD of Russia in Moscow, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

By the way, the actions of the parents of Jeanne law enforcement officers also found no criminal offense and fraud.

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