Прощай, «Шерлок»: четвертый сезон станет последним

The creators of the series about the detective Sherlock Holmes, saddened by the fans. Continue may not be.

The series “Sherlock” will celebrate his birthday – 25 July 2010, the screens out the first episode of the project! It is time to be happy, but as it turned out, the fate of the detective hangs in the balance: starring Benedict Cumberbatch too busy to continue filming.

The British, as you know, people are slow, especially when it comes to TV series. For six years the light came only three seasons of “Sherlock”! The creators of “Santa Barbara” probably sarcastically laugh at such speed.

The long-awaited fourth season, we will see only in January 2017, it’s still off, but pattogo about which earlier spoke, it may not be.

Recently, one of the creators and writers Steven Moffat gave an interview to the British newspaper, and said that he was pleasantly surprised that the BBC managed to persuade the lead actors Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) and Martin Freeman (Watson) for filming of the fourth season. But that star will give his consent to the fifth, Moffat’m not sure. The fact that after the release of “Sherlock” Cumberbatch’s popularity skyrocketed. The actor is now in great demand and can simply not find time for the show that gave him fame. And now that the shooting delay due to his busy schedule.

Steven is not giving up hope, still rising in the polls, and the channel already mentioned about the fifth season. Maybe Cumberbatch again weigh the “pros” and “cons” and realize that for him to throw the detective halfway would be very irresponsible.

About how to replace Benedict another actor, the creators Karina and do not want to think. Everyone understands that will take the audience to another Sherlock. In short, we can only hope for prudence Cumberbatch.

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