Spice Girls решили воссоединиться, но под другим названием

The world famous “peppercorns” are recording a new album, however, without Victoria Beckham and Melanie C’s.

In the early 2000s, their songs blared from each iron. On any half-decent disco with their rhythmic “Wannabe” danced themselves to exhaustion, a slow “Viva Forever” were kissing and in love. Millions of fans around the world waiting for their favorite will once again be performing together. And, it seems, the issue has moved from a dead point.

Last week’s most popular women’s team celebrated its 20th anniversary. On the eve of round date in the press again began to appear the rumors about the imminent reunion of the band. However, not all participants wished to revive old. From Tournai in the composition of the Spice Girls refused Victoria Beckham and Mel C. The first said that that is a good personal reason. According to Victoria, the group hated her and otherwise nasty. Other participants were regularly turned off her microphone during a concert. And the cause is envy.

“Colleagues are quite satisfied things are cheaper brands that are made for them for free. And I had to save to get the little Gucci dress,” said Beckham in an interview (read more HERE). Melanie C, in turn, just outgrew the stage for girl groups, she was not interested to do this anymore.

Thus, the composition of the team was reduced to a trio. Journalists assumed that the group will tour under the new name of GEM (abbreviation of the names of the remaining participants: Jerry Halliwell, Emma bunton, Melanie brown). But it was not right. Mel b stated that the name will remain the same. “We’re not going to change the name, will remain the Spice Girls. I think the reporter just messed up something. GEM is just the name of our website. We have already started working in the Studio with Emma and Jerry, try a new sound. Soon you will be able to evaluate the result of our work.”

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