Sheldon Cooper becomes the hero of a spin-off of “the big Bang Theory”

Шелдон Купер станет героем спин-оффа «Теории большого взрыва»

Now in its tenth consecutive season, viewers follow the lives of four scientists, their colleagues, families, lovers.

Thanks to “the big Bang Theory” several “catchy” thread, give up watching the series almost impossible.

The creators of the sitcom realized that caught the attention of the audience on the hook, and will do everything to keep it that way as long as possible.

Now according to Deadline, CBS is in the process of negotiations regarding the spin-off of “the big Bang Theory” in which we will talk about one of the main characters, Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

Producer Chuck Lorre thinks the audience will be interested in the history of the formation of Cooper, his transformation from child into an adult genius no less successful scientist.

Note that the character Jim Parsons quite often talks about his childhood. So, the audience already knows that Cooper has a twin sister Missy, big brother George, the grandmother who called the scientist “a sweetie”, mom is a staunch Christian and an alcoholic father.

It is assumed that “Sheldon” will appear on CBS next season and will exist in parallel with the original series.