The first channel has announced the continuation of the series “Major”

Первый канал анонсировал продолжение сериала «Мажор»

Two years ago premiere of the charm, both for domestic TV series called “Major”. Unlike most projects, this series was limited to a small number of series, its producers did not consider it necessary to “stretch” the story for a few years, even more than interested spectators.

Like all good things, the series “C” quickly ended and fans had to wait two whole years to finally hear word on that soon, “Dur” returns.

The premiere of the first series of the second season of Teleostei will be held November 14 on the First channel.

In the new series, Igor Sokolovsky again has to unravel a tangle of lies and mysteries, and tries to arrange his personal life. In combination with work responsibilities is extremely difficult to do.

The authors of the script continue the crime drama became Sergey Kaluzhanov, Yuri Burnosov and Tatiana Glushchenko.

In the sequel starred Paul Priluchny, Karina Razumovskaya, Denis Shvedov, Dmitry Shevchenko, Igor jijikin, Nikita Panfilov, Alexander Oblasov, Anna Tsukanova-Cott, Love Aksenov and others. Singer Vera Brezhneva will play in the project itself.