Gal gadot thinking about a romantic relationship with Halle berry

Галь Гадот задумалась о романтических отношениях с Холли Берри

The premiere of “Wonder woman,” millions of fans waiting for comic book stories. On the big screen, this adaptation will leave June 1, 2017. Until then the filmmakers are trying to further intrigue the audience with future Prime Minister and tell some details not only of the film itself, but its possible sequel.

So, the female lead Gal gadot told reporters that her character may be bisexual or have completely different sexual preferences.

Asked by reporters about who could play his beloved Wonder Woman, Gadot has signed – Halle berry: “In the sequel I’d like to have romance with Halle berry, she’s just amazing!”

Note that bisexuality his character was saying earlier, Greg Hand is the author of the comic, which is an ongoing survey.

Recall, recently it became known that the Gal is pregnant. The actress is awaiting the birth of her second baby. Gadot is in early pregnancy because of the imminent filming of the sequel to “Wonder woman” to speak of. Most likely this will take place in 2018.