She told how he put up with the loss of a loved one

Ирина Горбачева рассказала, как смирилась с потерей близкого человека Before the release of the movie “Arrhythmia” artist and video blogger told about a difficult childhood and the loss of his mother. Gorbachev shared who helped her in this situation.
Ирина Горбачева рассказала, как смирилась с потерей близкого человека

Actress Irina Gorbachev touched on a painful subject. She told me she lost a loved one. When Ira was little, she umerla mother. The girl told, who then saved her.

“My nine years with my parents, brothers and grandmother lived in Mariupol, I had a perfectly happy childhood – just a solid adventure. Then we moved to suburban Queens, and after a while mother was gone…” – said Gorbachev.

Irina noted that the grandmother was raising them after the death of a mother.

“I have a strict, strong-willed woman. Her will power was passed on to me,” said the actress. According to the artist, you must constantly cultivate Superman to be prepared for the difficulties and overcoming them. In such situations, endurance increases significantly.

“I myself often say, “Nothing could be worse or “Oh, come on, in that light sleep” – ironically Gorbachev.

The Russian premiere of the drama “Arrhythmia”, where Gorbachev played a major role, will be held on October 12. According to the scenario, a talented doctor works on the ambulance. Every life saved makes the world a better place. The wife of the protagonist was desperate and decided to file for divorce. In the hospital new management that cares only about statistics and rules. And the doctor hurry from call to call, running on the track, for the sake of others lives. He will find the answer to the question of whom to save easier: others or yourself.

The actress admits that her patience appeared in childhood. “I have a strong character, a lot of masculine traits, and I sometimes myself hard to stop,” adds Irina. Gorbachev do about the fans that were children fighting with brothers and other boys.

Unlike classmates who have already made out with the opposite sex, the young star worked inside the installation, “no-no” before.

“You could say I grew up as a kid,” says Gorbachev.

“Grandmother’s upbringing. So, at some point I realized that I need to be able to ask for help, and not deliberately wait for her, barely suppressing internal boiling,” – says the artist.

Also she notes that now her priority should always be family. “If you often remember about a loved one than hold his hand, it’s a reason to stop and reconsider its priorities,” – said the actress “Hello!”.