Daughter of Oleg Gazmanov needed the help of a psychologist

Дочери Олега Газманова понадобилась помощь психолога The successor of the famous artist Marianna independently chooses a team of stylists, which decides what image will appear on the images. As told the girl’s mother in Instagram, it helps the teen to deal with stress.

Marina Muravyeva-Gazmanov has shared with fans the video with my daughter. The wife of the singer told followers, the challenges that the heiress of the artist in school and who helps the girl to overcome stress.

“Our Marianne is a very kind girl. But today’s overweight in school, in traffic do not give our Teens the chance to burn through negative emotions. Before I returned from school at 13:00, quickly did homework and in the yard, to friends, in a circle, to like-minded people or in the section on interests has Negative periegetes in time, in a friendly environment,” – said Gazmanov.

According to the wife of the singer, today students come home after school, too tired and nervous.

“It’s very stressful. I let Marianne have fun on photo shoots with a photographer–psychologist. She chooses a team of young stylists who jointly decide that they will create and do. Here I allow everything! But I trust these people, they checked me,” said the mother of Gazmanov Jr.

The woman said that after the photo shoot daughter is looking at ourselves and making the right conclusions. “But let them play a little in adult. I also wore my mother’s shoes, spun near the mirror and gazed at her lipstick!” – said Marina. She added that when she was little, such a variety of cosmetics stores was not.

“And hoo. How would paint on the Indian films. Online beauty rest!” – syroniziroval Marina.

Recall, 13-year-old heiress of the actor has starred in a professional photo shoot. Fans of the family Gazmanov admire the beauty of Marianne. The girl’s mother is proud of the first successes of a teenager. Hundreds of users of social networks are closely watching the updates that microblogging members of the family of the famous singer. The wife of the artist trying to give advice to other parents, talking in the blog about parenting three children. According to the woman, all the family members – quite creative people. As Marina noted, each of them is a psycho, so needs an individual approach.

“Oleg has a special room for his creative mess, and its computer – perfect order. Philip is the most difficult – he has no mess in his picture of the world, but he compensates for this with great character. With Marianne the most difficult – she’s a girl. Purity, accuracy – based women. A lot of talking, personal example, and of the whip too. Watch your child!” – advised Gazmanov subscribers.