She: Isinbayeva broke into tears in front of Putin

Ей можно: Исинбаева расплакалась перед Путиным

Famous athlete could not hide her disappointment.

In Moscow accompanied the Olympians – those who survived the purges of the world anti-doping Agency. Our athletes for the Rio Olympics has not got. But seeing the team called out: and as it was not done, if they are clean before the law, but not in the eyes of international sports officials. Look them in the eye.

These Games were to become final for two-time Olympic champion Yelena Isinbayeva. She wanted to put a beautiful point in his career, gold. Lena was preparing for him after the baby is born (especially back in the sport) is practiced, as may never in life. In the championship of Russia jumped above all in the season. But dreams robbed her. The court of appeal was rejected. How she feels! As aptly noted by the commentator Dmitry Guberniev: “a Great American athlete Justin Gatlin, who two doping “disqual”, to the Olympics coming. And Yelena Isinbayeva, which is clean as Skhodnenskaya spring 25 years ago (now dried up) – not coming.”

Therefore in the Kremlin at a meeting with Russian President Lena could hardly contain his tears:

— We dismissed without evidence, arrogantly, rudely and were not given any chance to justify himself, This Olympiad was the first for some, for someone latest. We are not spared, with the recoil worked and almost reached the finish line, and we have this dream taken away… We are faced with injustice and don’t know how we will be treated next.

Addressing the Olympians, Lena wished: “I Wish to speak to the whole world shuddered, and to the Russian national anthem was continually played at the competition in Rio.

I think Lena should be supported. Now let the cry of our opponents…

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