Алла Пугачева отсудила у НТВ 100 тыс.рублей

As Sergey Bezrukov, the inviolability of his family Alla Pugacheva defends in court.

Recently the court passed the decision on collecting from NTV at the suit of OOO “Inews”, the part of the structure of the media holding Lifenews, 100 thousand rubles for illegal use of photos of Alla Pugacheva, Maxim Galkin and their children.

In the documents of the case stated that the trial was based on the violation of intellectual property rights by the television network NTV, for now she will respond.

According to the appeal, the defendants improperly used photos and video images, exclusive rights are owned by the plaintiff, without the consent of the copyright holder.

Note that initially in the statement of claim was said about the requirement to collect 200 thousand rubles compensation of each of the respondents (NTV and “Inews”), but later, the court ruled that the only “offender” here is NTV.

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