Сергея Сафронова срочно прооперировали
The illusionist was seriously injured during a rehearsal.

Сергея Сафронова срочно прооперировали

Sergei Safronov brothers

Photo: Instagram.com

The job of the illusionist is not as harmless as
it seems at first glance. Last rehearsal of Sergei Safronov in St. Petersburg, for example,
ended in the surgical Department. As it became known, the famous magician, during the course of the new show, accidentally stabbed yourself with a 15-cm needle that embedded itself in
belly, in addition, broke.

Sergey Safronov

Photo: @safronov_sergey Instagram Sergey Safronov

As a result, he was urgently hospitalized. In the hospital he was urgently operated on, the needle together with the fragment removed. However, the memory of the failed focus now Safronov will resemble a rather big scar on her stomach.

Incidentally, friends and fans was seriously afraid for Sergei. When the illusionist had medical assistance, he hastened to reassure vzvolnovala. “All right! On my body for another 5 stitches! We will live ! Prepare a new spectacular show!” — Safronov wrote in the microblog. The magician wished a speedy recovery.

Recall that this is not the first time Sergei was on the “verge of death”. However, the magician refers to this incident relatively calmly. By the way, not so long ago it became known that severe at first glance, magician is one of the creative Hobbies: Safronov enjoys drawing.

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