Шэрон Стоун показала кольцо с бриллиантом на безымянном пальце
Actress “lit” on the beach with a young boyfriend.

Sharon stone and Angelo Boffa


60-year-old Sharon stone
provoked the rumor about her engagement: she showed the new ring
with a diamond on his ring finger. And beside her appeared her potential
the groom is 41 year old Italian entrepreneur Angelo Boffa.

Interestingly, stone
for the first time openly appeared in public with his beloved. Before that they were seen together only
times in January. And then the reporters could not identify the companion of Sharon. To
also, both of them trying to involve his personages as little attention as possible and
quickly escaped from the paparazzi. Now they came together on the beach in Miami holding hands and not trying to hide, and spent almost the whole day. And, to the amazement
the audience, Sharon and Angelo was not confined to tender glances, and made a real demonstration
passion. They passionately kiss and cuddle, completely ignoring
that they look strange. While Sharon looked absolutely

Recall: before
she met Angelo, she had a lot of novels, but Sharon was not too
satisfied with their personal life. She once admitted that she is if in the movie her
had a chance to play along with the real stars, in real life, she
across far not as impressive partners. She was married twice,
both marriage left her most unpleasant memories. Her first
husband was producer Michael Greenberg, whom she broke up with scandal. With
second husband, the journalist Phil Bronstein, all got even worse: in 2004, in the divorce
he sued her foster child Actresses — son roan. Then stone found
the consolation of adopting two more boys Laird and Quinn. Attempts to remarry after her second divorce, she made no more. Now fans of the actress hope in the face of Angelo
Boffa she finally met the man who will make her happy.