Екатерина Климова заступилась за мужа The actress has defended a wife from ridicule. Fans of the actress often criticized for her that she married a man younger than her eight years. But Ekaterina Klimova admits the age difference does not bother them.

Ekaterina Klimova is married for the third time. Married to actor Gela Meskhi she played in June 2015, and in September of the same year bore him a daughter. Bella was the fourth child actress.

News from the personal life of the actress, the public was perceived ambiguously. Some felt that it was too fast married, after parting with second husband Igor Petrenko, a 10-year marriage to him seemed perfect. Others openly condemned the actress for the fact that her new choice of Gela younger than her eight years.

Klimova is not often gives a candid interview and speaks about family. But on the topic of “unequal marriage” star decided to speak out publicly. The actress said that did not feel the age difference with her husband. Klimov admitted that at times feels close to your loved little girl.

“Sometimes relationships interfere with different stereotypes – for example, my husband is younger than me and is very often the object of jokes and discussions, but in our relationship I feel he is much wiser than I, I’m the opposite usually act like a child. In this we all are different but at the same time favorite and native. Opposites attract!”, – written by Ekaterina Klimova.

Klimova and Meskhi met on the set of the film “the Wolf sun”. At that time, the actress, mother of three children, were a second divorce, and as he admitted once, didn’t want no love, no relationship, no marriage. But temperamental Meskhi persisted, beautifully looked after, and the proposal of marriage made several times. Catherine still said Yes, and since they are happy together.

Her ex-husband, Igor Petrenko, also staged his personal life. In 2016, he married Christine Brodsky, and in this marriage, twice became a father. The wife of Igor Petrenko gave him a daughter