Иван Жидков попал в больницу The actor toxic poisoning. Ivan Zhidkov was hospitalized with a high fever. The doctors are doing everything possible to quickly cure the artist. He said this on his page in Instagram.

The actor Ivan Zhidkov is now in the hospital. The actor told his fans on his personal page in social network Instagram. The doctors gave Ivan a diagnosis of “toxic poisoning”. Usually the symptoms of this disease is extremely unpleasant – the patient has a high temperature, headache, nausea. Ivan dropper with prescribed medicinal solutions, which are aimed at cleansing toxins. Ivan admitted that his days in a hospital bed similar to one another. He is undergoing treatment, suffering from a high temperature that reaches 40 degrees, reads and missed communication. Liquid posted a photo with his son Stepan and wrote about their feelings.

“In General, I admit, I landed hospital with toxic poisoning. Where, how and why, yet I can not understand… but maybe some sort of drug response exactly is. ‘ve got in the house and I think that’s what put? I also like Groundhog day. Dropper and books. Didn’t want to talk about the hospital, well, then I think, okay… I Missed people, I need feedback! The temperatures rose to 40.4, a strange feeling, but not anymore. Now the temperature is almost there, I feel fine, especially the number 11 I play, so rapidly come. This is the first time in my life, I’m so pleased for a long time. In a great mood, and what you wish for,” wrote liquid.

Internet users wished the actor speedy recovery and praised for the responsibility towards the spectator. “We started to worry where You went. You get well soon and delight us. Good luck to you too!” “Vanya, let the doctors like to be examined. To recover more quickly it is certainly commendable and commendable are your responsibility, but health is more expensive. You have the main responsibility to the family and children! Health!”, – wrote followers Zhidkova.

Some fans have speculated how and why ill artist. Members believe that the reason was poor diet.

“Poisoning is a very terrible thing! How many times have you watched a poisoning you most likely due to the food that you buy, because they sell the devils, just to sell. You urgently need to go to a home-cooked meal!” – wrote one fan.

Liquid some time ago were told in social networks that order a takeaway from the company that spetsializiruyutsya is that on a correct diet. But his audience sure everything is from the evil one, the correct food is that is prepared at home caring hands of a loving woman.

Recall that the liquid was married to actress Tatyana Arntgolts, with whom he had a daughter, Mary. The actors divorced in 2013, but managed to maintain friendly relations, and now communicate normally. Ivan found a new family almost two years he lives with Lilia Solovieva, who bore him a son Stephen in October last year.