Shakira announced the construction of another school in Colombia

Шакира объявила о строительстве еще одной школы в Колумбии

Shakira is one of those celebrities who use their popularity to help others. Today it became known that the singer once again took the initiative and decided to help his hometown. With the support of the charitable Foundation of football club Barcelona (who plays the husband Shakira Gerard Pique) and Columbia banking Foundation La Caixa Shakira announced the beginning of building a new school in her hometown Barranquilla (Colombia). Note that this is the seventh school, the construction of which is partially financed by Shakira.


“When we started to build schools, we deliberately chose remote areas where there was not only educational institutions, but also no infrastructure at all, and even roads and drinking water, — said Shakir 28 March 2017 at the official presentation of the project. We’ve done this where the government seemed totally powerless to change something, and thousands of children had access to quality education. And everything changed right in front of the jobs, ended hunger, and the children showed excellent progress in learning. We live in the era of globalization, and if we want to live in a civilized and prosperous world, we must invest in children. To help children is the most effective way to eradicate poverty”.

The doors of the new educational institutions would be opened in 2019.