Вин Дизель рассказал о новой гоночной трилогии

Two weeks left until the premiere of the new film franchise “fast and furious”. The actor playing the main role and is the producer of the film, spoke about the upcoming premiere and said that the eighth film of the “fast & Furious” begins a new trilogy.

At the conference CinemaCon VIN Diesel announced that the new film will not be the final film, and will be the first in a new trilogy: “When the world sees this movie, they will witness the beginning of a new trilogy. Perhaps the greatest joy at the premiere is to see how we justify the expectations of the audience,” said Diesel. The specifics and details of future movies Wine not shared. But fans of “fast & Furious” is enough to know that racing on the screen they can still see. And in no time!

By the way, CinemaCon just did prerelease eighth series of “fast and Furious”. The film was presented only VIN Diesel and Charlize Theron. Later at the conference seemed to be Dwayne Johnson, who chose not to meet with their counterparts in the film, thus once again heated rumors that the fight between him and Diesel is not an invention of PR, and the truth.

Journalists believe that conflict actors could relate to the assessment of their importance to frachise. On the one hand, the fast and the furious it is hard to imagine without the participation of VIN Diesel, and Dwayne Johnson is much more popular actor. If Diesel excluding conditional roles in “Guardians of the Galaxy” keeps their old franchises such as “Three x’s”, “fast & Furious” and “Riddick”, “the Rock” regularly launches new.

Anyway, the main thing that on the screen all the actors are as natural as possible played and interacted with each other.