54-year-old Quentin Tarantino broke up with sweetheart because of the children

54-летний Квентин Тарантино расстался с возлюбленной из-за детей

Quentin Tarantino is not one of those people for whom family is important. In his 54 years filmmaker have never been married and have not got at least one heir.

Her “children”, apparently, Tarantino considers his films for which, as he says himself, he gave up a lot: “you see, I have given up too much in life to make a movie. I have no wife, no children. I went to these victims, with a clear aim. And I’m happy.”

In the happy life of Quentin tried to fit 33-year-old singer from Israel Daniella Rush.

With a girl the Creator of “inglorious bastards” sign for more than eight years and, apparently, it’s time to take this relationship to a new level. But it was not there: Tarantino refuses to part with his status inveterate bachelor of Hollywood and not being in a Rush ultimatums – either they have children, either from a relationship comes to an end.

“He’s going to marry in a few years and then have children. And she wants to have a baby right now and not willing to wait promised three years”, — said the insider.

Sources say that at the moment, Danielle had already left Los Angeles and did not even bother to attend a party in honor of the birthday of Quentin.

Close to Peak say that she can no longer afford to spend time on the relationship, which came to nothing lead. In the near future, Danielle plans to become a mother and doesn’t want to delay the birth of a child. And Quentin is unable to agree with her. He admits he wants to have children, but in a few years.