Angelina Jolie talked about how difficult it had her mother

Анджелина Джоли рассказала о том, как нелегко пришлось её маме

For anybody not a secret that the mother of Angelina Jolie Marcelin Bertrand was the woman an actress idolized and continues to do so to this day.

In an interview with reporters edition of HELLO! US Angelina spoke about how her mom was, and also admitted that it was extremely difficult to raise two children virtually alone.

“My mother was a very natural woman. She never indulged myself, almost no makeup and wore modest jewelry. She was not a gorgeous woman, but always knew how to apply themselves, — says the star. — She always had a few special items, due to which she felt lady. I remember that one of these special things was her powder when she put on her face, she seemed so elegant.”

Recall that the mother of Jolie from 1971 to 1978, was married to actor Jon Voight, in marriage with which the light and there was Angelina and her brother James haven.

According to Jolie, the help from the father of their family was not to wait, because Marcelin had to be extremely difficult to give children a decent upbringing and education. “She had a very hard time. After all, she alone was able to raise my brother and me. My success I owe to her”, said Angie.

Marcelin Bertrand died of cancer in 2007. Note that the nursing mom was for Jolie as a great shock and blow. That is my mother’s example was the reason that Angelina has removed all female organs (Breasts, uterus), because they did not want to become a victim of that disease, to which her family has a predisposition.