Жена Джейми Дорнана запрещает ему работать с Анджелиной Джоли

When I began shooting the film “the Tourist”, where johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie played the main role, the civil wife Vanessa Paradis Depp warned the husband to stay away from Jolie. Their demand Paradis argued that Angie long its fame razluchnitsy and she wouldn’t want Jolie stole Depp from the family. Ironically, this has made amber heard – actress, who was previously married to a woman. But now not about it.

Now, for the future of his family feared his wife Jamie Dornan.

Now there is a discussion of a new project where Angelina plays a major role. She also entrusted the responsible task partner. Insiders say Dornan, who played Mr grey in the trilogy “Shades of grey” has taken a fancy to her more than others. And then his wife Amelia Warner got violent. The next day after it became known about the choice of Jolie, Warner said that if the actor agrees, she and the children on the same day went home.

What will Jamie choose: family or career?

Recall that Angelina many times demolished happiness Hollywood couples. Its victims at the time was johnny Lee Miller, Billy Bob Thornton, Ethan hawke (at the time was married to Uma Thurman), brad pitt.