Sergey Zverev: “the Son did not meet my expectations”

Сергей Зверев: «Сын не оправдал моих ожиданий»

Stylist and showman for the first time in a long time, spoke about the son with whom he barely communicates.

The other day the king of glamour appeared at the presentation of music video “Hollywood” by the young singer Vladimir. He gave the young man a magnificent bouquet of red roses and wished them further success in show business. Then Zverev admitted to journalists that all my life I wanted to come to such an event… to his son. But he chose a different path.

“When Serge was a kid, I had a dream that he sings. I thought it would be very cool, but not all of the destiny”, – said Sergey Zverev. And then added that he is glad for Vladimir, and his parents.

“How fortunate for the parents that the son found himself engaged. For him, it works. Especially happy father, who was career. Any singer, any singer would continue the same for their children” , – said the showman.

A very positive evening!!! So long did not come off!!! Managed to communicate with my dear colleagues!!! Vladimir @vladimir_live done!!! Great start!!! Keep it up!!! #clip #Vladimir #powerblades #sergaziev #Zverev #Elensefar #Severeley @sever_elena With DJ Sasha Dith @sashadith

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Sergei Zverev, Jr., we recall, upon reaching adulthood, away from his famous father and glamorous life. He moved to live in a normal residential area, got a job as a programmer and even managed to get married and six months later get a divorce.

Zverev is the youngest doesn’t go to glamorous parties, talks to the press and not give interviews. Only once, appearing in the program “live” on TV channel “Russia 1”, he explained the reasons for the quarrel with his father.

“I wanted an independent life. I don’t like when everything is ready we have to go. On you car, on you girls! I had it all, I know all this from the age of five, and now I want to achieve everything by himself,” explained the son of the king of glamour. Read more HERE.

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