В 6 сезоне «Игры престолов» будет самая масштабная битва за весь сериал

The sixth season of “Game of thrones”, the sixth season of “Game of thrones”… it’s like a mantra I repeat these words fans of the series in the hope as soon as possible to see the premiere of the new season.

While we wait (we will remind, just over a month), producers of the series decided to once again revive the imagination of fans new facts about the upcoming series.

So, Executive producer of the TV show David Benioff has said that we will have itself a powerful battle scene of all seasons!

According to the producer and screenwriter Brian Cogman it will be a classic cinematic fight with a huge crowd, which are usually removed in big-budget peplum, historical and war epics. That is, the army on one side, army on the other — and the climactic clash.

The shooting of this fight, according to all that Benioff were not complicated by the number of persons involved, and the participation in it of animals: “the horses actually not so easy to work with. And in General, the number of extras, stuntmen, shooting days is the most time consuming and expensive our work”.

And you wait for the premiere of the sixth season?

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