Таня Терешина и Слава Никитин снова вместе? The singer has released an ambiguous picture. Tanya Tereshina and Glory Nikitin broke up last fall. However, they tried to maintain friendly relations for a common daughter.

      Таня Терешина и Слава Никитин снова вместе?

      The breakup of the singer Tanya Tereshin with the civil husband Glory Nikitin, which occurred last fall, was for all the fans of real surprise. Although the couple grew up the daughter of ARIS common, they are unable to accept the shortcomings of each other. Former lovers did not hesitate to make public the details of the loud family quarrels and mutual claims.

      Now, however, fans suspected that the crisis in the relationship between Tanya and Glory safely over, and they decided to be together again. The reason for such assumptions was the photo that the singer posted on his microblog. In the picture, she is in the same car with her ex-husband. Judging from the picture, Tanya and Slava look very happy next to each other.

      “Actually, I photographed my jacket, but it did not work”, – jokingly signed picture actress.

      This publication has caused fans unprecedented enthusiasm. They began to ask many questions whether or not the Tanya and Slava finally decided to be together, and could not fail to note how harmoniously they look next to each other. “The glory of this glowing, happy” “Well you were made for each other, you are a perfect pair,” “Be together! You are a delightful couple!” – started to comment on the fans.

      Recall that after breaking up with your spouse, Tereshina not once complained about the absence of a strong man’s shoulder next. Then fans were advised by a former lover still find a way to make things right at least for my daughter. And some wondered that with such external data and a striking love of life, Tanya can be lonely.

      I must say that, despite the separation, the singer and TV presenter continued to maintain cordial relations with each other for the sake of little ARIS. So, all important for girls activities Tereshina and Nikitin has always been close. And although the girl remained to live with his mother, Nikitin very often communicated with the child and tried to give it the maximum attention. Sometimes the former lead singer of Hi-Fi even felt jealousy to her daughter. When she was next to dad. “When these two are together, I feel out of place. And who gave birth to her?” – wrote Tereshina after the birth of ARIS.

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