Sergey Zhigunov risk his life for your favorite things

Сергей Жигунов рискует жизнью ради любимого дела The actor was the guest of the program “Relish”. For cooking halibut Sergey Zhigunov has told about how much he loves to hunt and fish. However, forcing a wild animal, he often exposes himself to mortal danger.

Popular actor Sergey Zhigunov incredibly popular in the profession. Every day he is on set, so he tries to spend all free time outdoors. In a rare weekend man chosen together with friends on hunting and fishing. Despite the great experience, the artist understands how dangerous his Hobbies.

In the program “Smak” Sergey Zhigunov told about the possible dangers of the hunter.

“I have a lot of experience, but a dangerous situation happened. For example, while hunting for wild boar. A hunted animal can throw a hunter to run on it, and then the risk of being wounded or killed is very high. That is why you need to hunt wisely”, – said Sergey.

Zhigunov always comply with the safety rules and think about the consequences of each shot. The actor rarely goes on the hunt alone. Most of the time he spends in the woods a few days with friends men. But women, for the recognition aggregate, do not get much pleasure from such entertainment.

In the program “Relish” the man told about another his hobby — fishing, because they were prepared halibut.

As it turned out, every trip into the woods is given the actor a hard time. However, after a couple of weeks later, he again goes hunting.

“You know, after each trip I think will never go into the woods. It’s incredibly hard physically, leave such entertainment is hard to call. However, it takes some time, and I know I am missing something. It has its own atmosphere, its own special traditions,” said the man.

According to Zhigunov, modern technologies make your changes and hunting. So, the actor repeatedly watched how the animals were tracked using drones and special sensors. However, he prefers to roam the woods in search of prey the old fashioned way. The man is sure that such entertainment arouses passion even in those who for the first time holding a gun in his hand.

Sergei and Ivan made in the program steamed halibut and salad with liver. Both dishes impressed the presenter. Moreover, now, thinking about going fishing or hunting with Zhigunov.