Любовь Полехина вспомнила о тяжелом разводе с мужем-колумбийцем The actress admits that she found it difficult to make a decision about the breakup. Love polehina still remembers the beloved, who left in the mid-90s. However, the recognition stars, marriage has disappointed them both.
Любовь Полехина вспомнила о тяжелом разводе с мужем-колумбийцем

Actress Love polehina became famous after he played one of the leading roles in the movie “Daughters-mothers”. She actively acted in films until the late ‘ 80s, but then suddenly disappeared from view of the fans. However, the star didn’t become. After her husband, a Colombian Mario Riveiro she moved abroad, where she began to work in series.

In Latin America polehina and her husband quickly became famous. The man was engaged in directing and developing TV projects. Due to a busy schedule lovers are rarely met, and that has affected their relationship.

Becoming the guest of the program “a Perfect repair”, the actress remembered why broke up her marriage.

“One day I just realized that I could no longer live with them, that it makes no sense. Suggested a divorce. Of course, it was very hard mentally, but I knew I had to do it. Now the children communicate with the father, they are very important to me. Recently his wife died, the son went there to support dad. I, of course, he’s suffering” – shared Love.
Любовь Полехина вспомнила о тяжелом разводе с мужем-колумбийцем

Shortly after the divorce, the woman moved to the United States, where he again married. However, these relationships don’t last long. Three years later polehina broke up with second husband. About it she prefers not to talk, because it’s still hard to think about this failure in his personal life.

In recognition of the actress, her relationship was falling apart not only because of my busy schedule at work, but also because of the desire of stars to return to Russia. Polehina says that he was homesick and wanted to play again in domestic productions. She was often invited to the movies and TV shows, and in the end, Love decided to move to Moscow.

Thanks to Colombian TV projects the star managed to earn a fortune, but she decided not to waste it.

“I saw the living conditions of my fellow actors. Many of them didn’t even have a corner. That’s why I donated a decent amount to the Fund for the construction of housing for the actors. These funds have built 16 homes. But honestly, I don’t even know who it is now,” recalled polehina.

Now movie star lives in a small apartment in the capital. It mandated the transformation of the corridor and the living room in your home program “a Perfect repair”. In the end, the Love remained in admiration of the work of the professionals. The designers specifically chose calm pastel colors, which also give the interior elegance.

Love polehina hopes are now able to spend lots of time. However the actress very busy schedule, because she not only works in theater and film, but also teaching a class for future artists. Colleagues and fans are delighted at the performance of the stars.