Subordinates Sergey Lazarev accused of theft

Подчиненных Сергея Лазарева уличили в воровстве Businessman Eugene Kharkov outraged by the act of the employees working on the artist. The entrepreneur claims that the managers of confectionery Sergey Lazarev for the production of desserts for Pets stole his photo.

Eugene Kharkov, the founder of the company for the production of interior items and accessories for Pets, made accusations against the singer Sergey Lazarev. Businessman wrote a post on social media expressing their outrage.

According to Eugene, the staff artist used a photograph of his dog for advertising candy stars, producing desserts for dogs and cats in social networks. Kharkiv called the act outrageous rudeness and expressed doubts about the integrity of Lazarus and his colleagues.

“Naturally, no links, no requests, no nothing was reported. Asked: “why not?”, but it is clear that no one sees fit to answer. This is just outrageous rudeness. I don’t even mind to give permission, but behave decently, why all this? Goodwill does no one care about us, no one creates nothing, all or resell (and doing it very badly), or copying someone else’s. Evil terrible. Very frustrating all this,” wrote Eugene.

Apparently, the businessman plans to defend its interests in court. As written Kharkov, he prepared a formal complaint and all documents necessary for the proceedings. The man said he was not going to call the company Lazareva to clarify the circumstances of the incident. According to Evgeny, employees violating the copyright, have to contact him.

Members of Kharkov began to talk to him about what happened, sharing their personal experience. One of the followers of the businessman noted that it was unlikely Sergey Lazarev himself involved in selecting the photos for advertising. So the artist might not know that his staff made a mistake. However, Eugene gave to understand that he is very categorical.

“It does not matter. How and by whom processes are internal kitchen. There is a company and an official, they are responsible,” he said.

We will remind that Sergey Lazarev is the founder of a company that produces desserts for Pets. The artist opened his own business in 2015. According to the singer, the creation of the company was inspired by a beloved dog Daisy. Once Lazarev decided to make the pet’s birthday and order him a cake. Sergey saw specialized candy abroad, but in Russia such places to be found. Therefore, the contractor decided to open his own.

Business Lazarev gradually began to go downhill. In November last year, the artist opened the first store of its project in one of the shopping centers of Moscow. Prior to that, customers have found the bakery of Sergei through the Internet.

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