Sergey Shnurov was intrigued by the new video with Ksenia Sobchak

Сергей Шнуров заинтриговал новым роликом с Ксенией Собчак The musician surprised his followers, laying out another video involving a famous TV presenter. This time she got a big role, where she performed in the image itself. Apparently, this is one of the versions on the new clip of group “Leningrad”.

      Сергей Шнуров заинтриговал новым роликом с Ксенией Собчак

      In his microblog Sergey Shnurov has published a video in which the main role is played Ksenia Sobchak. Fans noticed that the star lit up in the frame in the same glasses as in the video for the last song. Ksenia played herself, and in this version she was given much more. Fans immediately wondered what the subject of this post, because the Cords didn’t explain.

      Ksenia Sobchak in dark glasses and a fur coat, based on the story, stuck in a remote area and immediately asks his assistant to send the machine on which he receives a vague response. In search of a car she goes in the house to one of the residents of the settlement, which “heat” meets her with a blow to the head. Sergey commented on the video, ironically when he wrote that if someone gets a “log” on the head, it’s nice, but if this same man is Ksenia Sobchak, then there is a “double joy”.

      Ksenia Sobchak provoked robbery of a brothel

      Сергей Шнуров заинтриговал новым роликом с Ксенией Собчак

      In turn, some members learned in one of the characters Mazunino Valentina, star of the TV series “Real boys.” It in front of her and was tasked to become the owner points Sobchak. Only scenario for this it was necessary to hit the leading on the head. Fans noted that they are interested in this version, it seems to them a more complete and logical, despite the fact that the Cords just posted a one-minute video clip. Followers began to compare it with the first version which was already presented. Many complained about the overly explicit scenes of violence and torture that were exposed to the heroes of the movie.

      Сергей Шнуров заинтриговал новым роликом с Ксенией Собчак

      Admirers of the “Leningrad” the majority were critical of their past work. And we are not talking about the song itself, although it caused controversy, and the clip. The overabundance of blood and death made by Network users to assume that what we see can explicitly affect the psyche of people. So someone came to the conclusion that the last post though, and has in the words of the heroes of profanity, however, is easier perceived. Members decided to clarify whether the Cords to introduce this version in full format, but no response has yet been received.

      It should be noted that Ksenia Sobchak in your account in Instagram posted a video of the filming locations of this video. There netizens were able to see the episode when the flamboyant presenter tries to call a car, but a fiasco. In the description to the post expectant mother wrote that remembers, how was filming this scene last year in the winter. However, she acknowledged that the latest version she likes much more. Fans have concluded that this passage, most likely, was the first test material for the song “Glasses Sobchak”.

      Сергей Шнуров заинтриговал новым роликом с Ксенией Собчак“But there was another version of the video we shot in the winter in Minsk, but what happened now , I like it much more,” wrote Xenia in Instagram.

      Recall that the group “Leningrad” after several successful compositions presented a clip for the song “Glasses Sobchak,” and a day video on Youtube gained more than one million views. True fans of the group recognized that the Cords decided to show the clip many human vices, in particular a mad passion for money. And obviously, scenes of cruelty and violence had to focus the beholder on this issue.

      Сергей Шнуров заинтриговал новым роликом с Ксенией Собчак